I’ll Meet You in Alliot!

One of the most important buildings on campus is Alliot. In addition to the Dion Student Center, Alliot serves as the hub of campus. The main dining hall is located there in addition to lots of student offices and the campus store. The dining hall always has some great food options. My favorite is the buffalo chicken wrap. They post the menu on Twitter and whenever I see buffalo chicken you better believe I will be there even though I only have 40 swipes a semester since I’m a senior.

Campus store

My favorite part of Alliot is the MOVE office. MOVE stands for mobilization of volunteer efforts and it has been one of my favorite parts of Saint Mikes. There are always different projects to work on and most of them are one time commitments. All you have to do it write your name down and show up at the time on the sheet.

Outside of Alliot

The Wilderness Program office is also located there. They put on all kinds of events throughout the year. The biggest thing they are know for though is the $65 season pass to Smugglers Notch. This is an amazing deal and includes access to the pools and hot tubs. They also have rock climbing, ice climbing, snow snowing, hiking, back country skiing, telemark skiing, white water kayaking and sea kayaking trips. The best part is that all these trips range from $5-$15 and includes equipment so it’s easy to fit into your budget.

The Wilderness Program Board

Upstairs there is a nice place to study as well. There is a perfect amount of background noise where it’s not too quite but you can still focus on your work. We also have all of our Green Up (the environmental club) meetings in Alliot so I’m in there quite often.

Lisa hard at work upstairs

-Mike Brown