Move-In Day/ A Walk About Through Wroxton College

After a long night of travel 16 Saint  Michael’s students arrived at the beautiful Wroxton College near Banbury England.  Not even our jet lag (we arrived at the college at 6am Eastern Standard Time, 11am UK time) could detract from the awe of our first glimpse at the historical abbey that would be our home for the next two weeks.  After settling in our rooms we had our first meal in the “Buttery”  our dining hall for the duration of the trip.  After a very confusing conversation during which many of the students felt as we were eating dinner (we were all pretty tired and confused at this point) we realized that this was just the start of our day.

After lunch we met in the Regency Room, a beautiful space (see walking tour for images) where our orientation was held.  After getting acquainted with college policies we began our tour of the college.  I’ve created a video walking tour that shows some of the highlights of the college, so make sure to be on the lookout for that!  (Coming soon, in fact my computer is currently finalizing the video).  After the tour not many of us had much energy left, and many settled in for a late afternoon nap.  I was lucky enough to get some sleep on the plane ride, and was ready to explore the Wroxton grounds.  A sprawling 50 acres, there are plenty of beautiful sights to be seen around the college.  So beautiful in fact that myself and four other students braved the copious amounts of English mud to explore the grounds.  See the gallery for a few highlights!

Once I was familiar with the college inside and out, even I was exhausted and settled i for an early night, excited and ready for the days that were ahead of me.

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