Exploring Stratford Upon Avon, Birthplace of William Shakespeare

After spending a day at Wroxton, us Saint Mike’s kids were ready to start exploring England, starting with Shakespeare’s birthplace, Stratford upon Avon!  The day consisted mostly of touring the three places tied closely to Shakespeare in Stratford, his tomb, his home, and his birthplace.  It was amazing to have the chance to be in a place with so much history, and tied so closely to a man that we have been studying so closely the past few months.  We were even lucky enough to return here twice in order to see the Royal Shakespeare Company’s (RSC for short) productions of Henry IV parts 1 and 2.

By spending so much time here we got the chance to not only see the historic landmarks that made up Shakespeare’s life, but we were also able to speak with locals at pubs, grab a meat pie at the riverside market, and just take time to experience the city.  After seeing the first part of Henry IV, we were lucky enough to catch all of our favorite actors on their way into the second performance.  For a group of theatre goers like us, it was a lot like running into celebrities on the street. (In fact Maggie Bogan actually did run into the actor playing Poins in Henry IV on our way to the bus after the show, creating a rather awkward and hilarious way to leave Stratford for the last time) Look out for a review of Henry IV parts one and two coming next!

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