Adventures in Oxford and Saint Edmund’s Hall

On Tuesday we travelled to Oxford for a little bit of home away from home, Saint Edmund’s Hall at Oxford University.  One of the most interesting parts about being in England is the difference between what constitutes a long period of history here as compared to back in the States.  In the U.S. one hundred years makes up a third of our nation’s history, whereas in England a hundred years doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.  So much of what we have seen here is several hundred years old, including the college we are living in.  The same can be said for Saint Edmund’s Hall at Oxford, a college named after the same saint the Edmundites at Saint Michael’s originate from.  While touring the college we had the chance to tour the buildings that stood on the grounds when Saint Edmund was a teacher there, and see the chapel he donated to the college.

Afterwards, the day was ours and we choose to spend it walking outside of where many of the Oxford Colleges are located, stopping in books stores and map shops along the way.  We even found some time to be true tourists, shopping for Oxford t-shirts and sweatshirts.  My favorite purchase of the day would have to be my miniature model of a London double decker bus.  With our last hour or so of time a group of stopped in at a pub called the Eagle and Child, a historic restaurant known to be a favorite writing spot for both Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

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