A Day in the Sun at Blenheim Palace

After what seemed like endless  days of mist and drizzle, the skies finally cleared for our day trip to Blenheim Palace, giving us a chance to relax after a busy and exhausting day in London.  Blenheim is the birthplace of Winston Churchill, and is steeped in English History.  Inside is exhibits on the palace history, and it is also the film site for Kenneth Branagh’s film version of Hamlet.

For me, I couldn’t help but stay outside for almost the entire day.  It was so beautiful out and the gardens at Blenheim were so breathtaking that I had to have a day out in the grass.  After walking the grounds I sat down to watch a couple of innings (?) of cricket (not quite sure what the term would be there).  While I had absolutely no idea what was going on it was great to just spend a day out in the sun.

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