Knight Sites Service Level Agreement

Ext. 2959

Knight Sites
A Knight Site is the Saint Michael’s College branded web authoring tool that allows users to design blogs and websites using the wordpress platform. Users will have access to hundreds of layout themes and plugins. In order to have ownership over a Knight Site one must have a MIKENET username and password.

How Do I Sign Up for a Knight Site?
To sign up for a Knight Site you must click the sign up button on the Knight Site front page, From there you will be redirected to a form that will be filled out and submitted to the Saint Michael’s College Information Technology Helpdesk for review.

Requesting A Site or Blog

Blog/Site URL must be approved by a Knight Sites administrator.
If approved the user blog/site will be available for design within 48-72 hours of requesting service. A professor, club adviser, supervisor or coach must be identified in the request form. If any content found is detrimental to the image or reputation of the college the blog adviser is responsible communicating with the web author to have the detrimental content removed.

Hours of Operation:

Users will have 24/7 access to their website via the link

The Knight Sites Network is updated weekly

If scheduled maintenance is required that will restrict usage of a site or blog all users will be notified VIA email 24 hours in advance.



Users will only be able to see sites that they have been given access to.

LDAP Authentication is enabled so that users can sign in using their Saint Michael’s College user name and password.


Requesting Service or Reporting a Problem

Send an email to and a ticket will be created in the name of the user. Turnaround time will be contingent on severity of reported problem.

Service Priority Levels

  1. Four or more users are being impacted – 2 hours
  2. Three or fewer users are impacted – 4 hours
  3. Request for theme or plugin – 2 days

Escalation of Problems
Contact the Knight Sites Admin at extension 2959.

A user may not change their username, display name, install layouts, download plugins or change URL without contacting the Knight Sites administrator.

If you are building a site that you wish to have linked from the main college site then the college name must be presented on the front page of your site.

Migrating an Existing Site
Users wishing to migrate an existing site/blog will be assisted by an administrator. The turnaround time of the migration will be contingent the factors involved in the content being transferred. In order to migrate a blog your previous hosting provider must have the capability to integrate with the wordpress import option. It is important to note that some hosting providers may integrate with wordpress but will only transfer the content of the website but it is not guaranteed that the structure of the pre-existing site or blog will transfer over.


Information Technology Responsibilities

  1. The administrator will create site URL and user account. The user sign in name will be the same as their mikenet username and password. User display name will be the same as the username unless requested otherwise.
  2. Network, plug-ins and templates are updated on a weekly basis by an administrator.
  3. Sites or blogs that have reached their end date will be exported and sent to the lead administrator of the site or blog in question.
  4. Sites that are for a specific class will be visible on the web for the period of that class unless the site/blog admin chooses otherwise.


User Note: Please remember that as a user it is your responsibility to maintain and update the content on your blog or site.