Yo Ho Technologically Capable Devout Followers Of The Checktacular Mikes!

As we begin to explore the very last month of classes here at SMC for the spring semester, we are feeling ambitious and a little frightened. This semester has been huge for expanding our repertoire, and we continue to do so in preparation for our end of the year performance. We cannot wait to get the chance to once again grace the stage this April 27th, and we are currently solidifying our set list.

At the same time we approach the end of the semester with sorrow and fear at what is to come. In just over one months time, we underclassmen will have to say goodbye to a few of our most honored and fearless leaders. Seniors James Greer, Logan Estes, and Jake Trackey will soon be released from the bonds of our youthful, handsome, and melodious ranks, as they venture out to see what harmonies they can strike with the world of the college graduates. However we know that while they may no longer attend our weekday rehearsals, or our weekend antics for the adoring audiences we have come to love so fondly, they will simultaneously join the ranks of another, in a sense even more elite group. This is the company of merry men known as the Mike Check alumni. Just as former aging members have done, these three will be held to standard of occasionally stopping by, remaining available for possible guest appearances, and of course to continually post funny things to our exclusive Facebook group.

In conclusion, we have a huge April ahead of us, that will surely be an emotional roller coaster that will attempt to tear us apart, but it will just as surely be wildly entertaining for those viewers that remain truly committed. So until that day that we call you, our devoted fans up on stage to stare deep into your eyes and hypnotize you with our profound serenading, keep looking out for opportunities to catch us in action. We will never stop working our hardest to bring you the highest quality arrangements, at the most perfectly vivacious pitches possible.

This is Jay Swartz signing off. Have a great week, and grab life by the whole notes.

Holy Smokes, We Still Exist!!!1!!

Hey ‘Check-hovians,

John Wall here.

We have some seriously awesome stuff coming up this semester. I don’t want to give too much away, but suffice it to say we are going to blow. Your. Minds.

We’re going to be teaming up with SMC’s sophomore class for a Valentine’s Day surprise, we’re getting back to our Barbershoppy roots with some tags, and that’s before we even start to talk about the other awesome new songs and, if you ask politely, dance moves** you can look forward to. If you’re a club representative hosting an event which requires about 15 male voices, contact us either at our official email or me at my email.

Before ANY of that though, we have to welcome our new guys! We just had our Spring semester auditions and we’re proud to announce the additions of Dylan Ward (T1), Richie Bernache (T2), and Nate Dean (Bass) to the manliest of ranks. Their information will be coming to the “members” page soon!

That’s all for now. We’ll have our people call your people.

Yours, With Love,
Mike Check

**DISCLAIMER: Frank Gilcreast is not required to participate in dance moves, as stipulated by his contract. He may, however, join in if he so pleases. In other news, Mike Check has recently learned how to write contracts without loopholes.

((EDIT 1/30: It ain’t Random Acts of Kindness. It’s the sophomore class. We still love you, RAK))

New Music

A quick update for all  of you. Mike Check is working on three new songs, two of which are almost finished! The third is a song that you might remember if you’ve been following Mike Check since the beginning, we’ll give you a hint: Fen Bolds. We here at Mike Check want to send our love to everyone on campus and we look forward to seeing you all very soon, keep your eyes open for upcoming concerts!

The start to something great

Saint Michael’s has been in it’s 2nd semester now for 4 days and Mike Check is hard at work arranging new songs  to serenade you with. Over the break two of our members put together two new songs that we will begin to work on soon. In the meantime Mike Check is working on getting back into sing-song shape by getting their vocal chords nice and warmed up. Monday was the first rehearsal of the 2nd semester and it went as to be expected. Everyone’s voices were a little rusty but after about an hour of singing, we all felt back in the groove of things. We hope that everyone had a great holiday and we look forward to showing you the things we have been working on!

Semester Concert

Well the Mike Check end of Semester concert was last Friday. The concert took place in the McCarthy Arts Center and every seat was taken up in the recital hall. The entire concert was very well received. And We here at Mike Check really had a blast performing for everyone. We wish everyone the best of luck during finals and also a fun and safe Holidays.

Church Street

This past Saturday, Mike Check sang on Church Street! You read that correctly, you’re very own Saint Michael’s All-Male Acapella group sang for the first time on Church Street! We sang our new song, Summer Sun for the first time and got to meet a lot of great people. Not only that but we also sold some of our new CD’s. WAIT what?! Mike Check now has CDs?! Yes, yes we do. We also have our new 2011 shirts on sale. You can pick up your very own at our next concert which is….. THIS COMING FRIDAY THE 9th! That’s right! Mike Check’s end of the semester concert will be this Friday the 9th. We really hope to see you all there!

The Finishing Touches

As October comes swiftly to a close the blog is going through it’s finishing touches.

Things like members pictures are being added as well as other little details here and there.
Soon the blog will be hosted on the SMC blog site also we will start having members posting so the posts won’t just be me talking to you. I am hoping to get some pictures and video of our rehearsals to give you a behind the scenes look into Mike Check so look forward to those soon. Hope that you have a great Halloween!