Nancy Winship Milliken, “Earth Press Project: Dispatch from Gaia”

Oct. 3 – Nov. 1, 2019
Gallery Reception: Thursday, Oct. 3, 6-7PM with a reading by Chard deNiord at around 6:30.
Artist Talk: Thursday, Oct 3, 5-6PM in Cheray 101

A collaborative event with Nancy Winship Milliken Studio, Vermont poet Laureate Chard deNiord and the natural area of Saint Michael’s College

Earth and words, two disparate yet common elements—one heavy,
dense, fluid and solid, the other ethereal and weightless in its gravitas. Both
are necessary for the integrated task of apprehending and beholding the double
nature of life and the planet at the same time. Combine them and the earth is
sanctified in print with human deference. Stanzas from Chard deNiord’s
poem Dispatch From Gaia, (originally read at Feverish World
Symposium, October 2018)have been imbedded into adobe blocks made
of beautiful grey Champlain clay, sand and hay from fields surrounding the
studio. The blocks have been installed in the St. Michael’s College natural
area and reveal environmental contribution, eroding words. 

“It’s getting late my

Five stanzas of Chard deNiord’s poem Dispatch from Gaia have
been imprinted into earthen blocks and placed along the trail of St. Michaels’
natural area. Cameras used for research are placed near them to capture the
environmental changes to the blocks and words, as well as witnessing the
residents of the natural area playing amongst the words. The event is ephemeral
as the blocks are re-absorbed back into the ground. Some of the blocks will be
brought into the McCarthy Art Gallery for an October through November
exhibition, with the resulting video and sound design.

There was a constant and generous flow of creative input from
people who gathered around this project. Declan McCabe (fill in title)
co-collaborated capturing the events and deterioration of the blocks for their
monthlong outdoor installation. Ted Ollier advised on the font selection and
printing. Liz Johndrow was our earthen sage. This project would not have been
possible without the earnest and diligent work of interns Diane Klement,
Michael Weiss, Brooke Van Buiten, Meryl Braconnier, Emily Kiernan, with
managers Eleanor Reagan and Carley Zarzeka. My heart is filled with hope for
the future with you all at the helm. Thank you for your generous dedication to
this project and to the world.

We honor with gratitude the land itself and the people who have stewarded it throughout the generations and into the future.