Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

Fall 2019

Nov. 7 – Dec. 6, 2019

Amélie Brindamour, “In Oscillation”

Gallery Reception: Thursday, Nov. 7, 6-7

Artist Talk: Thursday, Nov. 7, 5-6

Could we consider an exchange structure with other species, animal or plants, that would emulate a mutual relationship framework? In the image of the mycorrhiza network, the intelligent symbiotic system between certain trees and fungi, would it be possible to imagine a communication and resources network in society with a distributed layout encouraging cooperation?

In Oscillation intends on visually materializing the mycorrhizal network, looking closer to how we could find inspiration from intelligent systems in nature, in order to alleviate the context of power dynamics in our contemporary communication systems. Mycorrhizae are constituted of mycelium (fungi filaments), who come into contact with roots of more
that 90% of plants, in order to exchange information and resources. For reproduction purposes, they will occasionally develop fruiting bodies above the ground, mushrooms.

The title references both the movement of the mycelium (forming the
expanding in the soil to connect with plants’ roots, and the succession of charge and discharge currents going through an electrical circuit. Non-programmable electronic circuits are used in the installation, some based on Forest Mim’s Engineer’s notebooks circuits from the 80s, in order to mimic the biochemical signals transmitted by the mycorrhiza network. Visitors are invited to hold between their fingers the pressure sensitive sensors to turn on the fungi lighting circuits, that then activate sound circuits containing light sensitive sensors. The molded resin mushroom sculptures were made in 2018 from a variety of mycorrhizal fungi at the Bamfield Marine Science Centre (BC, Canada).

This project benefited from a Canada Council for the Arts research and creation grant and the support of LOJIQ (Les Offices jeunesses internationaux du Québec) for a travel grant.

The artist would like to thank the Caetani Cultural Centre and Susan Brandoli; the Allan Brooks Nature Centre; the Vernon Hiking Club; the North Okanagan Naturalists Club; the Bamfield Marine Sciences Center, Daniel Durall, John Klironomos and Luke Andersson; Avatar Audio and Electronic Artist-Run Centre, Nathalie Leblanc and Caroline Gagné; the Vermont Studio Center, Harlan Mack, Brian Collier, Jesse Harrod
and Angelina Gualdoni; OBORO and Josée Brouillard; Studio XX, Stéphanie
Castonguay and Nataliya Petkova; the Conseil Québécois des Arts Médiatiques; Atelier La Coulée; Nina Dubois, Camille Bédard and Philip Robbins.