Chair’s message

At the end of another exciting academic year at Saint Michael’s, we are celebrating the accomplishments and graduation of ten mathematics majors.1 They are planning to pursue a variety of endeavors, ranging from mathematics education to graduate school in applied mathematics to employment with insurance and accounting companies. Speaking of employment, it is worth noting […]

Other Recent Activity

On campus collaboration in undergraduate research in the area of graph theoretical self-assembly design strategies has continued with undergraduates during the 2011-2012 academic year, under the direction of Profs. Ellis-Monaghan and Greta Pangborn from the Computer Science Department. Several papers, posters, and talks at academic meetings resulted. For example, several students/groups of students presented their […]

Recent Graduates

1 Our 2012 mathematics graduates with their majors and some of their honors are: Laura Backman c,e   MA/ED Jason DeCoteau c   MA/EC Brian Goodhue c  MA/EC Erika Kirslis c,e   MA/ED Samantha Martell  MA/Secondary Education Emily Pratt b, d, e   MA/EC Daisy Sosa  MA Mary Spuches a  MA Coligny Tataro  MA Jacqueline […]