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Not just for cutting wood!

The Epilog laser cutter has a lot of uses besides woodcutting and engraving.  Take a look at this extremely delicate leaf, cut from gold paper.  What other possibilities can you think of?


What’s Going On In the MakerSpace This Week?

We’re waiting on the delivery of some cherry wood to laser-cut 200 picture frames for the Children’s Christmas Party.  While we wait, we’re laser-cutting keychains for the Accelerated Summer College (have you heard about it?  8 credits in six weeks, all expenses covered!).  Vinyl is flying out the door as people make stickers and signs.   Marine Biology projects include some acrylic etching, which our Maker Guru, Eric, is happy to help design.  FYS students are building obstacle courses for their Robotics challenge in December.  The Mojo and MCor printers are busy with projects.  We’ve ordered a new 3D printer to replace our often-out-of-service MakerBot, and are waiting impatiently for its arrival!

The Lulzbot TAZ 5 3D printer–one of the largest print beds around! Coming soon to your MakerSpace


Lots and lots of fabric has been donated in the past couple of weeks.  It’s currently located in the back closet for lack of anywhere else to store it.  If you want to do some sewing, let us know and we’ll let you paw through it.

Sunday, November 22, there will be a “Light Up Card” workshop int he MakerSpace from 3:00-5:00.  You can sign up at the front desk.  The workshop is limited to 5 participants, so don’t hesitate!

Robotics Challenge Heats Up

Two groups of students taking a FYS from Prof. Doyle and Prof. Karstens are working diligently on building obstacle courses for a Robot Challenge on the morning of December 10.  Materials have been purchased, and the development of the project is well underway.  Good luck to both groups!  The event is open to anyone, and will take place in the MakerSpace in Dion.

IMG_1464                                 IMG_1475