The Mac Lab is a fully versatile digital workspace that is equipped with state of the art devices and software to assist Saint Michael’s students with their artwork. Many of the Mac Lab’s resources are able to be checked out by students to complete assignments outside of class. Knowing which resources can be checked out is important. The Mac Lab’s resources are restricted depending on which Art class you are enrolled in, and some tools are exclusive to the Mac Lab. The following Resources can be checked out of the Mac Lab:

Nikon DSLR Camera : The Mac Lab is equipped with the Nikon D3100 Camera. Each comes with a standard (18-55 mm) lens, battery charger and camera case. The Mac Lab also carries zoom (55-200 mm) lenses which can checked out separately.










Flip Film Cameras : The mac lab carries professional-level Camcorder: the Canon HD CMOS Vixia HF400, which is great mobile filming equipment for on-the-move shoots. The Canon comes with a camera case and a battery charger.


Camera Stands : The mac lab is equipped with adjustable Tripods to help students capture steady, high-quality film. These tripods can easily mount either the Xacti or Canon camcorders, as well as the Nikon Camera. Each Tripod comes with a carrying case.


The following resources are restricted for students use solely inside the Mac Lab.

Headphones : The mac lab is equipped with both standard headphones, as well as High definition SMS headphones for music production.


Bamboo Pad : The Mac Lab contains several Bamboo art tablets.These tablets can be used in conjunction with applications like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator as a different medium for students to create their art.


Microphone :


Electronic Keyboard :



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