Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging
Digital Imaging

Class time: Lecture every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 09:00AM – 12:00PM, St. Edmunds Hall, Room 113 
Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor
Full course: worth four credits
Liberal Studies Curriculum: Artistic Experience

Course Description
Over the past 20 years, digital imaging software, particularly Adobe Photoshop, have become the dominant tools for image production in both fine art and design. For anyone interested in making any kind of art, it’s important to become familiar with these technologies. The Adobe imaging programs (especially Photoshop) are invaluable tools for all who want to create or manipulate original artwork, designs, promotional materials, images, and photographs, to produce the portfolio and publicity images that are so vital to a career in the visual arts.
This course will teach the fundamentals of creating original printed and screen-based artworks with digital technologies. Through a series of projects and exercises, students will learn to generate images digitally, as well as import and manipulate existing digital images and digital photographs. The course will provide practical skills in the use of Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Epson Professional printers. Students will be expected to push their work beyond conventional approaches, be highly experimental, and work to find innovative solutions to each project. In critiques, we will focus on form and content as much as the unique technical issues related to digital image production.

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