• Digital Animation

Located in Saint Edmund’s Hall, room 113, the Mac Lab is transitioning from a private workspace designed to support the college’s Fine Arts department to a Public Lab open to all departments. This space satisfies both the needs of the Fine Arts departmental majors, as well as other departments, giving them the skills and resources needed to support their digital learning and creative work.  It is equipped with 15 iMac workstations which include the full Adobe Suite and other popular software.  MIDI keyboards are also available at each workstation to support various music courses and personal audio projects.  This lab is managed by Amde Assefa, specializing with Apple products in the Information Technology department.  Other staff is composed of student employees, including students in work-study positions, as well as others interested in gaining experience through an internship program.  Similar to the Library and the Learning Resource Center, this lab also circulates and maintains technology equipment to support our users (see Resources for a more detailed listing).