What is a Knight Site?
A Knight Site is the Saint Michael’s College branded web authoring tool that allows users to design blogs and websites using the wordpress platform.

Websites/Blogs Made Simple & Easy
Access to ready made layouts and plug-ins. The focus in on the design.

Who would want a Knight Site?

  • Class
  • Club
  • Department
  • Committee

Why have a Knight Site?
A Knight Site is another option that is good for communicating event dates, communicating information and having a web presence.

Already have a wordpress.com site associated with Saint Michael’s College?
We can convert your site to a Knight Site.

Where do I go to request a Knight Site?
The Technology Learning Center section of the portal.

Simple & Easy…But does it measure up? What companies use WordPress to host their site?

  • American Express
  • Best Buy
  • Coca-Cola
  • Ford Motor Company
  • GE
  • General Motors
  • Honda
  • Intel
  • National Football League
  • Nokia
  • UPS
  • Xerox
  • Wall Street Journal