Lexicon: Add Term

Plugin Required Active:

  • None

Quick Tips:

  • None


  1. Looking at the navigation menu, hover over Lexicon and click “Add Term”.
  2. Enter the title of the term.
  3. Use the text editor to create the content of the term.
    1. The Lexicon’s text editor is limited compared to WordPress’s Pages/Posts one.
    2. The Text/Code view is just as powerful as the Pages/Post one.
  4. Enter Tags on the right side bar, middle box labeled “Tags”.
  5. Hit Publish.


Making Documentation

While making documentation feel free to design the instructions however you feel is the best way for the user to understand them. For me, the best templates are Documentation pages already I have already made. Sometimes I copy and past the content from page to another to reuse the design and just change the sentences.

I use a program called LICEcap to record the screen while I accomplishing a task. LICEcap makes a .gif that I upload and add to the Documentation when needed.  You should use this when ever possible but always create written out instructions encase people can’t play the video.

You should add one or two tags before publishing. Often one will be what the Documentation page is about and another the type of documentation it is.

Types of Documentation:

  • Quick Tips: A page that has about five or less set of instructions and can be shot in a single short gif.
  • About: Pages that explain a concept. Most written information not really showing anything.
  • Tutorials: The muti stepped instructions that could have multiple parts. Has multiple videos summering how to accomplish each part.